Wood Working Chain N Chisel Mortiser Machine


1 no ele. The motor of 2 hp/1440 rpm (3 phase)
1/2″ chainset
R/f switch
Oil bowl
Grinding wheel & v-belt fitting in grinding attachment
Toolkit & m/c manual
Note:- m/c with a motor of 1.5 hp 1 phase at extra cost

Table size: 455x 150/18″x6″
Max. height of workpiece on the table: 254/10″
Max. height of door or frame: 1000/39″
Max. depth of cut-chain mortiser: 140/51/2″
Max. depth of cut-chisel mortiser: 90/31/2″
Longitudinal movement of head/table: 305/12″
Table tilt-degree: 45
Size of dust collection port-dia: 100/4″
Air pressure required (kg/cm2): 5 to 7
Electric motor (hp/rpm): 2/1440

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